Research about Teachers’ Self Efficacy Beliefs and Uncertainties

I am conducting this research as an initial ‘directed study’ which is part of my studies towards an MSc in Educational Research Methods at the University of Leeds.  In this research I am assessing semi-structured interviews and ‘grounded theory’ analysis as methods of investigating how beliefs, doubts and uncertainties held by teachers about their efficacy relate to their professional development.  If you might be interested in taking part in such research, then please take a look at these further details.

BBC iPlayer – Exploring the Past: Post War Britain (High Definition)

Just watched this absolutely fabulous TV programme produced for BBC LearningZone.  There’s such a wealth of valuable material here, based around the idea of young people investigating the history of their own families.  These histories are then used as way of teasing out the major themes of the post war period.

There’s more detail over at the Historical Association website:

Podcast: Housing in London during the First World War | History Today

If you would like to stretch any KS4 students doing Britain 1890-1919 units, then you might want to get them to listen to a really interesting podcast from History Today.

In this episode, Jerry White discusses the housing crisis that afflicted London during the First World War, one that had a profound affect on living conditions in the capital.

Read Jerry’s article, London’s Wartime Housing Crisis, in the November issue of History Today, which is out now.