What did I read today?

Morsink et al (2022) Studying Motivation in ADHD: The role of internal motives and the relevance of Self Determination Theory

The paper discusses the role of motivation in ADHD, focusing on the Self Determination Theory (SDT). The authors argue that research on ADHD could benefit from the theoretical framework provided by SDT, which defines motivation as a natural internal human tendency towards growth, and which is enabled through satisfaction of basic needs of Autonomy, Relatedness and competence. The document also discusses different theories related to motivation, including Organismic Integration Theory, Basic Needs Theory, Goal Content Theory, Causality Orientations Theory, and Cognitive Evolution Theory. The authors suggest that ADHD research often overlooks internal motivation, focusing instead on external motivation. They call for more research into the impact of need support and the role of internal motivation in ADHD.

Roulston, de Marrias, Lewis (2003) Learning to Interview in the Social Sciences

Roulston, de Marrias, and Lewis’s 2003 study discusses the challenges novice researchers face when conducting interviews, including unexpected participant behaviours, the impact of the researchers’ actions and subjectivities, question phrasing and negotiation, and dealing with sensitive issues. They also highlight the difficulties of transcription. The authors suggest teaching methods for interviewing, such as self-critique, practice, question analysis, using question typologies, conducting real studies, and class discussions about research design and assumptions.