Beginning of Week Two!

Well this is the start of another week, i would have blogged sooner but ironically my internet is having problems and won’t work – just goes to show you can never rely on ICT!  

However the end of last week proved very interesting. Me and Alan ended up doing a film not for an actual lesson but to try out techniques and to try and edit part of it to create a film using windows movie maker. This was fun once we passed the giggles and  from it found Alan had a good voice for Radio he he.

Well the filming provided a good incite into the way film can be used and create a great resource, but that it is extremely time consuming. However as Ed pointed out you can learn to cut corners by knowing which shots are needed and how long in real time it takes to download (we took 35 minutes of film..hence a 35 minute wait while it downloaded!) Therefore i guess if you have the time and ideas it really can work.

Apart from learning about film which took me back to my days as an A Level film student, we decided to continue with our Native American lesson which is now available in the reading fdp resources book. Although this felt like a great idea it took alot of time. However it does use powerpoint and archaeology in a great way! In discussion me and Alan have realised perhaps why ICT is never implemented to its fullest potential. We think this is because it is so time consuming that for a teacher to fit the planning of ICT lessons in schemes of work on top of everything else seems almost impossible (at least it seems impossible to us, as pgce students). Therefore perhaps as Ed says its quality not quantity, which i am beginning to agree with (especially since we are taking so long on the lessons!)

Overall the ICT is going well and we are learning alot about how each other work, and how ICT works in History and how the applications can be adapted, so for now all is good, but it is only monday….

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