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Make history with Mass Observation

Mass observation would like to hear from you at -   They are repeating a historical request from the 12th May 1937 for people to record what they did on that day. That original request was part of Mass Observation’s … Continue reading

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SHP’s Primary Hub

Great news – the SHP’s primary hub is up and running at: Lots more great stuff is planned for the next few weeks, and there’s already some really interesting items.  Take a look!  I’ve added a new category in … Continue reading

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Podcast: Housing in London during the First World War | History Today

If you would like to stretch any KS4 students doing Britain 1890-1919 units, then you might want to get them to listen to a really interesting podcast from History Today. In this episode, Jerry White discusses the housing crisis that … Continue reading

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A vision of Britain

This looks absolutely amazing – a treasure trove of historical data, for free and all online. 

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New History subject content and assessment objectives – first impressions.

The new GCSE objectives and content have arrived in our twitter feeds, and a first glance reading might leave you thinking ‘what was all the fuss about’.  Look closely and there are some interesting changes, some of which are welcome, … Continue reading

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KenRadical on the imagined dichotomy between ‘skills’ and ‘knowledge’ in learning.

Missed this great post from KenRadical on how you can’t effectively teaching knowing without doing or doing without knowing.  Knowing is vital – you can’t be a fulfilled, empowered, creative human being without knowing things.   However, the extent of your … Continue reading

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Assessing learning under the new National Curriculum Ofsted’s inspections will be informed by whatever pupil tracking data schools choose to keep. Schools will continue to benchmark their performance through statutory end of key stage assessments, including national curriculum tests. In the consultation on primary assessment and accountability, the … Continue reading

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New KS4 page

As we’re working more and more on KS4 stuff to cater for the short notice and short-term changes announced by QCDA and the exam board recently I have started a KS4 page.  Nothing amazing to see, but it might useful … Continue reading

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Michael Gove Ends the Dreams of Thousands – The Historical Association

I try not to be overtly political on this blog (plenty of space for that on  But, the condemnation by the History Association of Mr Gove’s move to end AS levels and return to a two year linear A-level … Continue reading

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Steve Mastin speaks in the Telegraph about making history compulsory.  Steve Mastin talks a great deal of sense in this article about the lack of a golden age in history teaching, and the fact that 30% take up of GCSE history is actually quite impressive in a crowded … Continue reading

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