New H.A. Primary Schemes of Work

Keen to support primary colleagues, I thought I’d pass on this link to new schemes of work from the Historical Association:

At the HA we understand the difficult task that primary schools are facing getting ready for curriculum change this autumn. The HA is here to help. We have been busy working on quality schemes of work free for our members and to purchase for non-members. Published this week to join the units on the Anglo-Saxons and Ancient Greeks already published are units on Benin, local history, a fresh look at the Great Fire of London and Ancient Egypt, plus the Stone Age to the Iron Age. There will be more units following over the summer and autumn, so take a break over the summer and let us do the hard work for you. Why not take a look at our units and keep checking for further additions over the coming months.

Make history with Mass Observation

Mass observation would like to hear from you at –   They are repeating a historical request from the 12th May 1937 for people to record what they did on that day. That original request was part of Mass Observation’s mission to produce ‘an anthropology of ourselves‘, and which has produced a huge amount of material that has in turn made possible some excellent books, which you can find on their publications page. A great example is We Are At War: The Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times, which is a great source of anecdote and of evidence for people’s thoughts during the Second World War.

Now they want to gather information about ‘the ordinary’, which could be an ‘extraordinary’ for future historians, and present day social scientists.

Write as much as you can about what you do, who you meet, what you talk about, what you eat and drink, what you buy or sell, what you are working on, the places you visit, the people you meet, the things you read, see and hear around you and of course what you yourself think.

MO say that they welcome contributions from groups. What better way to help students start to understand how ‘sources’ are produced than getting them involved too?

SHP’s Primary Hub

Great news – the SHP’s primary hub is up and running at:

Lots more great stuff is planned for the next few weeks, and there’s already some really interesting items.  Take a look!  I’ve added a new category in celebration.