I started to drift from the path

I have to be honest, I started to forget the golden rules we decided on at the start of this project. I am in the process of constructing an ICT lesson on trench warfare, the likes of which the world has never seen! Dramatics aside the lesson I started to plan lacked the one thing that we promised ourselves it would not lack, and that was a strong learning outcome. I started to ramble on about parts of the trench, put in links to other sites and gave them activities to do. However, I did not stop and think why are they doing this?

Beginning of Week Two!

Well this is the start of another week, i would have blogged sooner but ironically my internet is having problems and won’t work – just goes to show you can never rely on ICT!  

However the end of last week proved very interesting. Me and Alan ended up doing a film not for an actual lesson but to try out techniques and to try and edit part of it to create a film using windows movie maker. This was fun once we passed the giggles and  from it found Alan had a good voice for Radio he he.

New Skills and Update

I thought I would take the time to update One Damn Thing fans about the ICT progress me, and my partner in crime have gained. We had the opportunity to play around with some video recorders on friday, it was really cool (damn, im such a nerd!). The point being we learnt how to put that recording onto the computer and then edit it the film, this allowed us to cut out all the bits that we screwed up in (there were quiet a few!). The program we used was Movie maker.

Day Three – a bit late (Sorry!)

We are right on schedule despite various problems concerning my partner in crime, who shall of course remain nameless! We completed the first drafts of two of our lessons, which have since been submitted to be torn apart by our project leader. We also managed to start the third lesson, which uses Powerpoint in an interactive way. I promise the next blog will be better! got to get back to work now!

FDP day three

This is the third day attempting to plan ICT within History and apart from minor disagreements, toothache and a dentist receptionist who was most unhelpful, it has been going well.

So far today me and Alan have adapted the presentation and thinking involved in the first ICT and Local History lessons, in accordance to some suggestons by Ed and a review of the idea of webquests. Trial and error seems partly involved especially in the beginning presentation ideas. We finished this today and the results are on this site in books, under Resources from Reading FDP.