Day Two and all is well!

Today was spent looking over the various topics in the the Key Stage Three schemes of work, the aim of which was to select lessons for the ICT project. The problems we faced were to do with being faithful to the rules and ideas we had about ICT in yesterdays meetings, and making sure these were being applied to the lessons. Specifically we had to make sure that the ICT was not being used for the sake of it, and that it was offering something new in terms of learning.

The First Day of the FDP

Day one has presented some interesting ideas about the use of ICT in the classroom. If i had to decide what the three most important pieces of information of the day were, that would be most unfair, as the themes discussed are potentially endless. However, i have decided that preparation of the resources, their application and communication are the three most important themes of the day. This is because without careful explanation of the resources and there application, there would be much confusion in the lesson.

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