Causes of World War 1





The causes of World War One.





Click to view image detailsYou are in 1910 and a diplomat for a country….you want to make alliances to gain power. You will get telegrams which let you know what you need to do for your country. Start reading below to find out what action you need to take…..






Urgent telegram 1: Starting your mission



I can’t say much as I don’t want anyone else to see this. Its 1910 and I am writing to you to let you know what you must do for your country to be the best. As you now know you are diplomats of a main power in 1910. You now need to think about what your country needs. You, as diplomats of the country, you need power now more than ever. As such I have listed below information for you to think about. 

I am giving you a mission in which this is your aim: To negotiate agreements with other countries so you are in the best position to gain power. You must think about who you are, what situation you are in. You must use your ideas to gain even more information from other countries and then try to make alliances to gain power, to do this you will use secret emails! 

Good luck and be careful – you don’t want to be caught by anyone else! The information you need will be in a top secret folder below!




Click to view image detailsYou now need to find out about your country, and only your country! You should only click on the flag of your country and save the document…any cheating will be seen as treason and you will loose the honour of your country! 


Click HERE for a map of the European powers in 1914


Click to view image details


Great Britain



Click to view image detailsFrance


Click to view image details




Click to view image detailsRussia

Click to view image detailsAustro-Hungary

Click to view image detailsItaly

Click to view image detailsAmerica





Urgent telegram 2: Getting to know your countries!


Dear diplomats,

I am writing again to check you completed your mission. By now you should have read the information I sent you about your country.

Now you have completed the first mission I am giving you another mission in which this is your aim: You need to secretly find out about other countries. But what do you need to find out I bet your thinking. Well you need to find out who you would want to make alliances with. Find out anything that will help you decide this by thinking about your own country’s information. Come up with questions and using your school email, email these to countries you want to know more about!

Once again keep this secret its only for you and the country your emailing to know- you wouldn’t want everyone to see who your talking to as it could be dangerous! 



 Urgent telegram 3: Making your alliances!


By now you will have asked for more information on other countries to help you decide on you alliances.

Now you have completed the second mission, this is your new aim: You may have got some interesting answers…but you now need to make an actual alliance. However in this alliance you want to get some things you need as a country. Decide what these things are and negotiate a list of requests by email with another country of what you want from the alliance.

Don’t forget – secrecy is key!!




 Urgent telegram 4: Alliances signed!


By now you will have decided on who you would make an alliance with.

Now you have completed almost all your missions, this is your final aim: You may have several secret alliances but who did you decide to make an alliance with and why, write this down on your countries sheet.  



Click to view image detailsYou will have made alliances with different countries, you will now have a class discussion who you made alliances with and why….exposing any secrets!










Students to use ICT, in particular email to complete a lesson on the causes of the First World War.



·        Use email to send diplomatic messages

·        Learn about the different backgrounds of the world powers before WW1

·        Decide what countries are more likely to make alliances with each other


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