FDP Second day

Today we have started to come up with lesson ideas, 18 ideas came up from mine and alan’s discussion of which we chose 9. The 9 that were chosen were done so by:

  • Looking at how the ICT actually contributed to the lesson and skills of the pupils and that it was something that couldnt be as easliy achieved using a conventional lesson. As such it looked at how ICT was aiding historical skils not merely just as an add on flash moment in a lesson.
  • We also considered what learning woud take place not only in consideration of aiding but also in whether it helped the higher order thinking of the pupils. This was using the criteria from yesterday in which the pitfalls of ICT were noted.
  • Also the issue of whether the application could work and the time involved in the creation of the resource realisitically to use the time on the project appropriatley. It was not only the ability of the application and time contraints but the relaitic ICT abilities of teachers and pupil and the packages avaiable which made us consider certain areas more accesable to all.

The lessons we chose were:

Local history research – skills and enquiry

Native Americas- Webquest and Archeology

20th Century – WW2 Long term causes and tench warfare

Medieval Realms – Battle of Hastings and the medieval town

Tudor’s and stuarts – Religion essay. 

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