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Despite the fact that this is a ‘web-log’ I spend little time noting down the great things I often see on the web to do with history teaching.  I’m going to try to make a note of them more frequently on this site.

The first site I want to draw to people’s attention is Hodder’s History Nest, which is excellent.    The blog, which is written by guest history teachers is brilliant and contains a mix of observations about real-life practice and thoughtful pieces about the future of the subject.

The second is a site run by a friend of a friend  http://www.englishcivilwar.org/ , which is comprehensive to say the least, and is full of eclectic and interesting resources that are of interest to students and teachers.  It looks lovely too – really well designed.

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  1. Hi Ed!
    Just picked you up on Linked In – how are you and what are you doing now?
    Would love to hear your news – by email pref as not a fully registered Linked In user!

    Best wishes
    (Fast Track Tutor in case you’ve forgotten!)

  2. You may want to add the following to your resources list:

    I refer to the singing and blogging Hawaiian History Teachers, Amy Burvall & Herb Mahelona… They also curate a number of History, Language, and TOK, resources that I have not listed below. You would have to email them and ask about them

    This is Amy Burvall and Herb Mahelona’s YouTube Page:

    This is their Official WebSite:

    This is Amy Burvall’s Soundcloud page

    Here is Amy Burvall’s Own Official Web Page (c/w Biography, etc.):

    Thus is Amy Burvall’s Flavors Me Compilation Page:

    Here is Amy Burvall’s Tumblr Log:

    Here is Amy Burvall’s Twitter Feed:

    Here is Amy and Herb’s HistoryTeacherz Twitter Feed:

    Here is their Facebook Page

    Official TEDX Hawaii, Nov 2011:

    I have nothing to gain from this. Use what you like, as you like! But you will like most of it, I think.
    I am merely a simple Canadian fan. And amateur history buff.

    Pierre Laberge

  3. I fully agree with Mr. Laberge!
    His list is rather complete, but here is a shorter version of
    Amy Burvall’s and Herb Mahelona’s TEDX talk.
    This version was filmed by the Le Jardin Academy, where Amy teaches, and is more focused on the talk itself and less on the music.
    (The music you can listen to at YouTube, they have 53 music videos uploded!)

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