New Skills and Update

I thought I would take the time to update One Damn Thing fans about the ICT progress me, and my partner in crime have gained. We had the opportunity to play around with some video recorders on friday, it was really cool (damn, im such a nerd!). The point being we learnt how to put that recording onto the computer and then edit it the film, this allowed us to cut out all the bits that we screwed up in (there were quiet a few!). The program we used was Movie maker. Other wonderful ICT gadgets we used last week included the art of podcasting, which involved some rather entertaining accents. We have finished three lessons so far for our ICT project, which are free to view in books under Reading University FDP resources. I have to say it is hard, time consuming work producing these ICT resources. However, the benefits of these resources should become apparent when they are used in history lessons.

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