Webquest – Your Mission

Your task is to discover enough to be able to cobble together some ideas for a lesson that will allow your year 9s to practise some historical skills. You’re also going to have to gather some ideas about what makes a good “history through ICT” lesson, to buy you some time before you have to start cascading across the school (if it’s possible to cascade across anything).

You do a couple of searches, gather some information on what’s available on the school network, and what applications work in your classroom.  You decide that you need to focus on the following areas.

  • Web Enquiries – using the web to find out about something.
  • Office Applications – using the ‘standard’ office applications to help students learn history actively.

It looks like these relate to activities that you might be able to get up an running fairly quickly, in that they use the web, and standard applications, both of which students are already experienced in using.  They might each be the focus for the activities in a lesson on their own, or together, but you need to find out more before you decide.

You quickly knock up a word document to use to help you record and order your thinking.

Click on this link now to open the word document.  Save it somewhere you can get at it again

Now… get to work, before you get taken for cover!  Click on this link to move to the task.

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