Teachers and their ideas about ICT for learning

IMG00093So, I know it’s been rather quiet round here.  Normal (by which I mean that well meant but infrequent) service is being resumed. Since the last time I posted I have run a seminar for the SSAT as an LP – see photgraph attached, taken on a HOD role for the ICT department, whilst a colleague has been on maternity leave, and been writing an assignment for a course with Warwick Uni.  Right, enough with the excuses.

My thinking recently, including that of planning the seminar for the SSAT has been informed by one big idea (not mine, I have few of my own).  This idea was perhaps best put by Erich Fromm in his book Man for Himself: ‘man’s life cannot “be lived” by repeating the pattern of his species; he must live’ (Fromm 2003, p.29).  The seminar definitely took this into account.  I hope I spent a good chunk of the day asking questions of the participants, as well as showing them some of the interesting things that they could do with ICT to improve learning in their own classrooms.  The feedback was positive anyhow.
Very recently this big idea has infiltrated into the assignment I have just completed as part of the PGCIE at Warwick University.  I set out to find out how my colleagues at school felt about using ICT for learning.  I’m attaching a version of my findings, which are interesting.  The one that I think is most informative, and encouraging is that teacher seem to be aware that there’s more to using computers for learning that switching them on and plonking ‘digital natives’ in front of them.
Although teachers pay lip service to the idea of digital natives not only do they recognise that pupils are often merely passive consumers of ICT, they feel that their own ICT skills are not what is really holding them back.  Additionally they recognise that pupils need to learn how to use ICT for learning in their subject.  All of this bodes well for the future development of pedagogy at LHS – watch this space for further developments.

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