Upgrade to Drupal 5

Not that too many people will probably be interested, but I’m feeling proud of myself anyway.

I’ve upgraded the site to Drupal 5, tinkered with FCKeditor and the image browser, and I think everything is working fine.  Got to say, I love Drupal 5, especially with this lovely zen theme I’ve found.  Any drupalites passing this way – thank you for your hard work.


3 thoughts on “Upgrade to Drupal 5

  1. Hi Ed,

    Just rediscovered the site working my way through my bookmarks. The site certainly looks good and is much easier to navigate now. I promise to pop back far more regularly from here on in!

    Dave Stacey

  2. Nice to get some more positive feedback, especially from you!
    You’ll see that I’ve already brought across some of your from the wiki – I intend to do the rest before the summer break!

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