Yesterday in Week two

Well, i am writing this today and not yesterday – as my internet is still broken, after being fixed for a grand total of 12 hours i am now thinking perhaps ICT depends on a lot of things – and this happens to include an expensive help line.  

So aside form the general problem of things not switching on, we have made good progress and stumbled across points along the way. Our major issue was that we were loosing our focus and that the ICT was being used for ICT sake. Which was our main concern in the beginning. This also threw up anouther issue – that of differentiation, it is far to easy to produce a blanket lesson using the ICT and the activties really needed to add areas where the less and more able were supported and streched. Therefore we have started to include more of this with higher thinking skills, and links that can be used for help. This need to really think about what we are doing and why we are doing it is a constant  issue when using ICT as it is easy to slip ito the ‘whizzy’ trap where it is all for show or just the fact that you could do a lesson on computers for a change – when it could be just as easily done on a piece of paper. This was shown in our latest thinking on a 20th century lesson on ww1 when we had to think why we would get pupils to use email applications in the lesson – what were they gaining historically from its use.

Overall the project is proving not only useful in terms of the ICT but also in really thinking about thinking. The processes of pupils and the activties used. Me and alan will also shortley be trying to film a presentation of our time here – so fingers crossed it all goes well! 

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