Episode 8 – The Revolts of 1848

We know from our last podcast that Italy was ‘tinder dry’, a situation that had the potential to go up in flames.  What happened to start the revolutions was a series of events in the different kingdoms and duchies, which fed off and reacted to each other, and to events outside the peninsula.  What developed was a group of different revolts which became linked, but which were then extinguished one by one.  In this podcast we’ll look at the different triggers and tell the story of the revolts, and next time we’ll be asking how close Italy came to unification in 1848.   If you get lost, Derby has a really clear set of timelines on pages 31 and 32 which might help you keep up!  You might also want to keep a map handy, as we’re going to be launching ourselves up and down the peninsula!

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