Episode 17 – How did Garibaldi Conquer the South in 1860?

3949414617_722d21eb98_zAs we heard last time, when the Kingdom of northern Italy was formally announced in January 1860, Cavour had largely fulfilled his ambitions for the expansion of Piedmont by creating a Kingdom of Italy which included Parma, Modena, Tuscay, Lombardy and which was dominated by Piedmont. Cavour saw the task before in 1860 him as one of making this new state work. In today’s podcast we’re going to hear how these plans were dramatically changed by Garibaldi. We’re going to cover the reasons why Cavour was so concerned by Garibaldi’s actions, but also why he couldn’t intervene to stop the conquest of the South.

Podcast No 17 – How did Garibaldi Conquer the South


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