Episode 18 – How successful was the new state of Italy after 1860?

5544073096_bdbeed5f18_zItaly (and for that matter many Italians) went through a difficult time in the 10 years after the unification of North and South in 1860. Over the next two podcasts we’ll look at those difficulties in 6 different categories:

  • Continuing differences between North and South;
  • The problems caused by “Piedmontisation”;
  • The Brigand’s war;
  • The disillusionment of the radicals and democrats after 1860;
  • The attitude of the Catholic Church to the new state; and
  • The effect of the death of Cavour.

In today’s podcast we’ll look at the first three of these problems, that of the differences between North and South, and the problems caused by ‘Piedmontisation’, we’ll end by look at how these hit the South especially hard and caused a civil war known as ‘the brigands war’.

Podcast no 18 – Was Italian unification a success between 1861 and 1870 v2

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