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I offer hunger, thirst and forced marches – Tim Parks on the trail of Garibaldi

There’s a wonderful narrative of Garibaldi’s flight from Rome in 1849 in a recent edition of the London Review of Books, in which Tim Parks tries to walk the same route, and tell the story of Garibaldi and his followers. … Continue reading

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Reading Political Cartoons about Italy

Cartoons are excellent sources for historians. They can help us understand what happened but they tell us more about how people felt about events and ideas.  This is because cartoons show the artist’s opinions – how people saw their world … Continue reading

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Why has our book got so few photographs in it?

Yes, Pam and I have almost finished writing our book, Enquiring History: Italian Unification 1815-1871 (£) The proofs went off yesterday and they’re beginning to look really good (I would say that, I guess).  Our lovely editor, Ian Dawson, asked … Continue reading

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Episode 19 – The completion of Italy and her on-going problems

Today’s podcast is the final one in our series about Italian unification. As we saw in the last podcast the first 10 years of a united Italy after 1860 saw the new state go through severe birth pains. In the … Continue reading

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Episode 18 – How successful was the new state of Italy after 1860?

Italy (and for that matter many Italians) went through a difficult time in the 10 years after the unification of North and South in 1860. Over the next two podcasts we’ll look at those difficulties in 6 different categories: Continuing … Continue reading

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Episode 17 – How did Garibaldi Conquer the South in 1860?

As we heard last time, when the Kingdom of northern Italy was formally announced in January 1860, Cavour had largely fulfilled his ambitions for the expansion of Piedmont by creating a Kingdom of Italy which included Parma, Modena, Tuscay, Lombardy … Continue reading

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Italy has two police forces, and you can trace the roots of this dual authority back to unification, as you can see from this really interesting BBC news magazine article.

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Episode 16 – The Peace of Villafranca

As we heard in the last podcast, on the 11th of August 1859 Emperor Napoleon III of France met with Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria in the Swiss town of Villafranca to agree a peace deal, which would end … Continue reading

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Episode 15 – The War of 1859 and the Peace of Villafranca

In the last podcast we covered the reasons for, and the build up to the war of 1859, sometimes called the ‘Second War of Independence’. In today’s podcast we’ll look at the course of that war, and discuss what it … Continue reading

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What is liberalism? What did a ‘Liberal’ believe in the 1800s?

Why do I need this information? Well, it’s interesting in its own right I hope, but if you study Italian unification for more than 10 minutes you’ll meet the term ‘Liberalism’, and you need to understand what it means, or … Continue reading

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