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Italy has two police forces, and you can trace the roots of this dual authority back to unification, as you can see from this really interesting BBC news magazine article.

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Venice Under Siege

There’s a great article in January’s History Today about Venice during the First World War. It’s a little outside our period but it refers to many of the themes that we use to understand the difficulties that Italy faced after … Continue reading

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A third Jesus Christ for Italy? Italian Heroes and the Risorgimento.

Whilst doing some reading for this blog – I intend to restart the podcast this summer and complete it as soon as I can, I started thinking about similarities between the Italian politician Bepe Grillo and Garibaldi.  Grillo’s wikipedia page … Continue reading

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What was so scary about Napoleon?

The spelling in this video is dreadful, but it gives you a good idea as to why the ghost of Napoleon often seems to haunt the powers of Europe after 1815

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