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thumb_ed_1024Advice and tutoring in history GCSE and A-Level examinations, online or in person.

If you are worried or confused about your key stage 3 to key stage 5 history studies then I can help. If you have a quick question, need free advice or pointing in the right direction, then you could post on the student forums at, or you could leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I’ll try to answer as quickly as I can.

Tutor Sessions.

If you would like more help than is possible on a forum, then I can give tutor sessions, either online using Skype or Facetime, at my home in Guiseley, West Yorkshire or anywhere within a reasonable distance of LS20.

What I do.

I am a history teacher with more than 10 years experience helping students achieve great exam results beyond their expectations and predictions. My aim is helping students increase their confidence and enjoyment in studying history, and to help them understand the requirements of their exam. Using a variety of techniques and activities students find they can remember what they have studied, have more confidence in using that knowledge to answer exam questions, and can communicate their understanding more clearly.


The first session is only £15, so that you can find out how much history tutoring can help without spending too much money. For help with GCSE studies I charge £25 per hour, and for help with A-Level studies I charge £30 per hour. If you book 7 or more sessions then there is a 10 % discount. If you want to get together with another student and be taught at the same time, be taught in longer or shorter sessions, or just want some feedback on written work, then we can discuss a tailored rate.

Book a tutoring session.

To set up your first session, all you have to do is drop me a line –

Some nice things that people have said about my teaching.

Mr Podesta, for me was the best teacher to have for GCSE. He made even the boring bits fun, and by using memorable tactics he got me through my exam with an A. I even remember some of the stuff now. Thanks.

Mr P what a legend! He makes even the most boring topics fun and got me an A in my GCSEs. Love his methods of teaching, and he’s always happy to help. What more can I say, “woot Podesta”!

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