Lesson 3 – Making a speech to Parliament

Starter: Carry on with your plan

Give them 10 minutes max to finish and prepare their speech. Remin students of the criteria we agreed for "a persuasive speech" last lesson. At the end of this time rearrange the desks into a wide horseshoe or square, with everyone facing in, sitting with their partners. Any gavel, bell etc that you have as a prop here would be useful.

Explain that they’re ”speaking” as representatives of their group, but ”listening” as Members of Parliament. After everyone has made their speech they’re going to vote on whether to allow the railway to go ahead. As they’re listening they should note down any persuasive points they hear on both sides of the argument.

Main: Talking and Listening

Speeches are performed. Before voting, ask one or two individuals what they found to be persuasive on both sides of the argument.

Plenary: Tidy up! Room back to normal!

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