Lesson 4 – Was it all worth it?

Starter: What changed?

Using source 5 on page 73 of Re-discovering Britain Students are to note down the changes that the railway brought. Feedback to the board. Quick discussion as to whether these changes were all to the good, or had some negative effects.

Main: Discussion – was the change all for the good?

Get back in your home groups from three lessons ago.
Discussion – How do might each of the people you’re representing feel about the changes? Be prepared to explain how your character might have felt about the changes to the class, as the teacher’s going to pick names to speak.

Group feedback – what were some of the good things that happened, who was most disappointed by the changes?

Plenary – what was the most important change?

Taking the feedback already recorded to the board from the starter – ask students to group these into different types of change. You’re aiming for three or four categories. You can then get them to come out of their seats and tick (or mark with a smiley or star if you’re using a IWB) which one they think was the most important. If there’s time left at the end then why not ask one or two people to justify their vote. You can really go to town on this part of the lesson if you like – perhaps take a look at the articles by Robin Conway or Matthew Bradshaw on significance in Teaching History No.125 December 2006.

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