British Propaganda in the Second World War

This series of lessons was inspired by the wartime instructions from the Ministry of Information to the BBC, the transcript of which I adapted to produce a hand out.  The first lesson on picture and film propaganda students, is adapted from Neil DeMarco excellent textbook “Investigating History: A World Study after 1900” with the addition of the film clips to get across the idea that the purposes of propaganda changed as the war went on.

Students then used the handout in a homework to try to distill the key instructions that the BBC had to follow in reporting the war.  In the final two lessons students worked in teams to research and write a BBC report that about their choice of event from the war, as a way of re-capping the period.

As you can hear from the MP3 files attached, they came up with some original ideas, and in cases came close to capturing the ideas that the BBC reporters had to reflect at different points in the war.

Excerpt from SOW for Year 9

Information Ministry Instructions 2012

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Ben’s Group

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