Italian Unification

This page has been moribund for a long time.  I’m going to add stuff as I teach it this year, and by the end of the year, hopefully there’ll be a useful resource.

Introductory stuff.

My colleague Mrs Canning has been thinking a great deal about the kinds of strategies that successful 6th form students use.  I have adapted these ideas to create a continuum – a card sort, with the idea that students put more successful strategies at one end, and less successful at the other.

Strategies for Learning

Below there’s a glossary, a set of cards for a human timeline, and a blank timeline for students to complete for homework.

Glossary 2010

Events (Lesson 3)

Timeline for Homework

Cavour and Piedmont 1849 – 59

Here’s a short crossword puzzle designed to re-cap an introduction about Cavour.

Cavour Comes to Power

On a similar topic, using bits cut out of Stiles’ book on Italian Unification I set up a homework activity to write a newspaper article on Cavour.

Unification Christmas Cards

A great christmas activity is to ask the students to imagine that it is Christmas 1858, between the secret meeting between Cavour and Louis Napoleon and the signing of the secret Treaty of January 1859.  The idea is that the students should brainstorm the different “players” in the story, i.e. Cavour, Pius IX, Franz Joseph, Garibaldi etc.  When they’ve got a good list of players then they should imagine what each person would write if they were sending christmas cards to each of the others.

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