Blitz Spirit Evidence sweep!

Having taught some very ‘bog-standard’ and uninspiring lessons, a short look at Teaching History turned up Rachel Foster and Sarah Gadd’s article in number 152. It struck me as a brilliant idea that would transfer really well to so many topics. I gave it a go straight away with the year 9 lesson I was going to teach the next day. It helped that my department are also working on improving our teaching of source skills and stretching the most able, and this lesson opened up opportunities to ask questions about the value of sources that students were far more engaged with than usual.

Anyway, the lesson with my top set went really well (unfortunately unobserved but it felt pretty good!) and I will try it tomorrow with a weaker bottom set.

All the resources I used for this lesson are here:  If anyone does use them, I’d really love to hear how it goes!

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The Significance of Individuals

My department have been using 2 lessons on the concept of the significance of individuals to prepare our year 11s to write on the significance of Mandela to ending apartheid. But the lessons could be adapted for almost anything. We found that they’ve worked really well but how you run the group work element will obviously totally depend on your class. The resources are available here:

Also please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements!


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Starting Up

I have set up this blog (with help!) after being inspired on the 25th SHP conference to spend more time thinking about my lessons and try out out new ideas. I will share what works well, and as that might be minimal, what could work well if taught better. Many of the conference materials that were so inspiring are here:

And as I try out the ideas I’ll post on here how it goes.

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