• Research Review 19th September

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    My title is Action Research and Intervention Study to research the progress of Year 13 students’ understanding of Historical Interpretations.

    I’ve done a fair amount of reading on progression and understand that there seem to be several different points of view:

    • NCAT style – ladders of progress, in which pupils obtain progressively harder skills, each one building on the last.
    • “Shemilt and Lee” style progression descriptors, which only describe the kinds of response that children might give to a particular task, do not hold true for all children and are not useful in terms of target. Shemilt and Lee see progress as the exchange of weak for more powerful misconceptions
    • Progress as an exhibition – which is what I need to look at more.

    My next step is in reading up more on the following matters:

    • progress – what is the idea of an exhibition; different aspects set out in Vermeulen.
    • interpretations – starting with MacAleavy – what does “interpretations” mean?
    • designing and Action Research plan – waiting for my book to arrive at Waterstones!

    Immediate ways forward are:

    1. Fish out the MacAleavey
    2. Read the other MacAleavey (longer one!) from Know How book.
    3. Read Vermeulen.


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    1. Baroldus
      October 11, 2006 at 7:22 pm

      Hi Ed,
      Being an ex-languages teacher, I don’t kno much about History teaching, nor am I au fait with the latest KS exams, but having your own website as a teacher, with your own material – and links – is a great idea. I hope you are appreciated!

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