• Happy Birthday to Me!

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    eggIt’s my birthday. 

    I watched "This Life+ 10".

    The watching of it was so unsatisfying that, well, it just goes to show that you should never re-vist your youth.  I can’t really remember why it seemed to have such a profound effect on me at the time the show first ran when I was at University.  Probably because it was about young lawyers, and I was a young lawyer, about to leave Uni and enter the world that these characters seemed to inhabit.  Perhaps too because I could sense in Egg’s feckless meanderings and career attempts my own coming career wobbles.

    Perhaps cos there was a bit of shagging in it.

    Anyway – 10 years after leaving Uni, and 10 years after "This Life" finished, I am 34.  I am married, have one child, one car, one house, an empty chicken run (foxes got the lot) and am still in debt.  I have had three careers (one very short), though the third one might be the trick, as I’ve been doing this one the longest (four years almost!).  I have no hair, but also have lost a couple of stones in weight.

    People told me that my years at Uni would be the best in my life - but I honestly feel that the best is yet to come, even now.  I did enjoy bits of Uni – especially the freedom it gave to do things like act in plays and the friends I made (that I’m crap at keeping in touch with).  I loved training to be a lawyer, and even enjoyed certain parts of practising as a lawyer – especially the confidence it gave me to persuade and speak my mind.  Even so, even now I think the best is yet to come. 

    Call me an irritating optimist in the face of corrupt Labour governments, religious fundamentalists in charge all over the world, energy crises, imminent third world wars, global warming and workplace cliques, but I think if I keep reading, keep watching Maddy grow and keep hold of Sarah somehow, then things can indeed only get better.


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    1. August 6, 2007 at 11:48 am

      Hi Ed,

      Simon here…remember me? How the hell are ya! Trying to get the old ‘This Life’ crew together for a reunion soon….If you are Egg then who does that make me ? It would have to be Warren or Miles…ermmm not sure Im either really.

      Anyway If you get this ( I have also contacted you on Facebook) it would be nice to catch up. Are you still an avid mac user? Ive finally converted after years of denial and I’m never going back! Give me a shout on iChat or send me an email.

      Hope to chat to you soon.


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