• Diploma Finished!

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    Finally, and due in no small part to the help and guidance from my Supervisor, Anna Pendry, I have finished my PGDES portfolio and handed it in.  Phew!

    Tell you what, writing in the same house as a  three week old  and a three year old was, well an interesting challenge.  This challenge would’ve been an impossible one if Sarah (long suffering better half) was not such a brick.

    What’s next?  Well I think formal postgraduate study is out for the rest of this year, given family commitments, though my diploma has sparked a real interest in  how people in general, and children in particular, actually learn.  So I’ll be doing a bit of reading around that.

    Oh, and I have my eye on an undergrad OU course, but I think I’m going to wait until the newborn dust settles before signing up.


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