• Wednesday night is… podcast night.

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    lego meeting

    It’s Wednesday, so my O.H. is out on the lash.  I am at home, tidying up and balling socks, as usual.  Whilst making piles of dark, sports, hiking, stripey and too-holey-to-wear-anymore I’ve been listening to a really good podcast (from the University of Bath public lecture podcast series) on the relationship between academics and public policy by Professor Dame Janet Finch.  Dame / Professor Finch starts with a particularly interesting section on the differences between the way that academics take part in government in America and the UK and ends on a hopeful note that ‘research based policy’ (as opposed to policy based research) might, in the future, find new ways of coming into being.

    I wonder if I could persuade the ESRC to fund my research into the black-hole in the washing machine that continues to eat single socks.


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