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Please reply me immediately.

A couple of months ago some unscrupulous person created a google group and somehow managed to associate it with an email address. They they used the email address to spam some people in academia about a conference and set off a feedback loop. This feedback loop vomited frustrated replies to everyone on the list, and […]


Bright patches of summer, unable to grasp the cooling fields, so Skid across the green hedges and out of sight. The driving wind dries the sighing, rattling corn, The white ghost of the green life it had before. A threshold is being passed.

A virtual walk, day 1 part 2: Goring and Streatley

Three people have been incredibly helpful and kind in doing fantastic transcriptions of wills or in depth genealogical research in helping me in the writing of this post. Thanks must therefore go to @JudithScholes, who has even constructed a family tree, @DTEDILFXXX (NSFW btw) who can read wills in real-time, and Kirsty Grey of Family […]

A virtual walk, day 1, part 1: Pangbourne

This summer, my mate Alan and I had planned to do a three day walk, from Pangbourne to Oxford, along the Thames river path. It’s unlikely to happen this year, as it relied on us being able to get accommodation along the way, and at the moment the hospitality industry is locked down. To stave […]

Day One of Isolation

A feverish energy. Made bread, made breakfast pancakes, now reduced to playing Brass: Birmingham board game on my own.

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Third Week on the new plot.

Three weeks ago we took over a plot that had been fallow for four or so months. Since then we’ve weeded three beds, and today planted some: Some corn Some pumpkin

So, I bought another keboard for my phone.

This one is a much more substantial model. In essence, the other one broke because it was too flimsy. Not only that, it often repeated letters in a way that was most alarming! So, I have bought this one, and an old Cherry keyboard for the desktop. The interesting thing, of course, is that this […]

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