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So, I bought another keboard for my phone.

This one is a much more substantial model. In essence, the other one broke because it was too flimsy. Not only that, it often repeated letters in a way that was most alarming! So, I have bought this one, and an old Cherry keyboard for the desktop. The interesting thing, of course, is that this […]


Today Monday April 9th 2018

Today. Sunday, 8th April

Today 7.4.18


Things to be glad about.

This morning I’m up as the sparrow clears its throat to travel to Brum to the University School for a BERA event on researching the curriculum. The day has started well, as I find that, overnight, loads of interesting reading on teachers and the history curriculum have been posted by very kind members of the […]

So, I bought a bluetooth keyboard for my phone

A couple of years ago I contributed a chapter to a book, and despite my best intentions, and the best and kind attentions of my editor, I totally misunderstood the brief. In short, dear reader, I had to do it all again. That would have been fine, once I’d gone through the three stages of […]

Just keep swimming

Phew! I did it! 5k, 200 lengths in 1 hour and 37 minutes – I take that to be about 28.5 secs per length on average.

Kevin McKenna

I just spent a very happy half hour reading some of Kevin McKenna’s contributions to the guardian. I agree with every word, it was a bit of a revelation. Take a look at the one about private schools.  If it weren’t for Mr McKenna’s obvious talent and writing skill, I could have written that.