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Ed, the christmas survivalist

All I’m saying is that we should buy a frozen chicken and put it in the freezer, just in case it snows and we can’t get out of the house. That’s all. I don’t want to dig a bunker under the dining room, or buy a gun to ward off frozen zombie hordes. I just […]

The Voices of Newbury

The acceleration of time continues. I’ll be 36 in January, (I think, can’t actually remember it it’s that or 37). Anyway, I’m hurtling towards 40 at an increasing rate of knots. In keeping with this I seemed to have joined a choir for Christmas, and have recently spent two brilliant evenings meeting people and singing […]

Leading in School (2)

The last post about this was quite directly focused on the administration of OCR Nationals exams. This time, inspired by a comment on the last post from Andrew Field (of the excellent and venerable, I’d like to think about the more generally applicable things I’ve learned from leading this team out of a bit […]

Bleedin' Torigraph manages to raise my blood pressure again…

in addition to which, it’s about to make me out myself as an occasional mumsneter. I note from a twitter post that the Telegraph leader writers are peddling myths about the good ol days of British education, claiming that an incoming Tory government, must implement reforms that rebuild the ladder of opportunity for gifted students […]

What stuck today…

People who have no clear idea what they mean by information or why they should want so much of it are nonetheless prepared to believe that we live in an Information age, which makes every computer around us what the relics of the True Cross were in the Age of Faith: emblems of salvation. (Roszak […]

Imposter Syndrome

This probably belongs in the middle class (now middle aged too) angst category.  If there are any other anxious middle class professionals out there reading this stuff, you could let me know if you too sometimes feel ‘like an imposter’. It’s the constant niggle, the background fear that you’re about to be outed as, essentially, […]

Facebook panic!

The twitter-fuelled spread of the news of a research study that suggests that using facebook can lower your grades has inspired three types of response. The first – panic (and more panic), and the second – anecdotal (as can be seen from the ‘I use facebook and I’m alright comments to the panic responses), are […]

My report is done, this is what I used.

So, on onedamnthing you can read my PGCIE assignment on the ideas that teachers bring with them when thinking about and using ICT for learning.  The process of writing this piece was much easier that the last thing I wrote, almost two years ago for the Oxford diploma on ITT Mentoring.  This was partly because […]

Inspirations and frustrations

On Friday I took part in a symposium run by BECTA on effective use of VLE technologies.  It was a truly inspirational day – really, and I don’t get inspired easy.  What inspired me was the level of committment and vision in the people I was talking to.  We didn’t talk much about platforms or […]

Things I would learn about, if I had the time.

It should have become apparent that I don’t have time to blog, let alone have time to read and write at the moment. School is crazy busy, in an exciting and opportunity filled way, and our home life is, well, full. So, if my intellect had a wish list, the following would be on it […]