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On Tuesday 30th November 2017, 3 weeks short of his 99th Birthday, my Grandad died. He was a funny, but quite distant character whilst I grew up.  His life had seen difficult times, and this might explain his distance.  When he was very small he was sent from Leeds to live in the small town […]


Iris, Dad and I went to the allotment today.  The onions that we planted before Christmas are doing well, but the broad-beans look a bit stumpy. We got to work, Iris handing out nuts and bolts and Dad and I fiddling about until it started to look a bit more like a greenhouse. Too cold […]

Cycling for Leukaemia Care

Today I did a 110km training ride for this excellent cause: Podesta I went on my own, because I missed yesterday’s training with the team.  I have to say this was absolutely the most horrible experience. I set off too quickly, and got into real difficulties in the headwind coming back from York. The […]


At the dentist a couple of weeks ago, whilst he tugged and levered a stoutly resisting molar, I wondered what they see when looking inside a mouth.  My dentist was sweating slightly, because pulling on the tooth had taken half an hour, and got us nowhere.  He suggested we cut it into quarters and do […]

Nothing to say #28daysofwriting

Well, having missed a couple of days, I think I’ll have to carry on into March to make up for the lost posts.  Hope that’s not too far outside the rules. It’s been a very hard week – pitching for work, helping out with PGCE interviews, teaching lessons, and the concomitant sleepless nights thinking about […]

Baked haggis | BBC Good Food Feeling very grown up.  Bought my first ever bottle of whisky.

Have you over-stimulated your limbic system?

There’s a really interesting article in today’s Guardian about the way that checking email, Facebook and twitter sets up a cycle of distraction and reward in your brain that makes concentration very difficult.   I’ve been wondering about this a great deal recently, once of my resolutions for the coming year is to cut down […]

Made Good Bikes

Rum and Raisin Buns

Constructive Behaviourism – Pentatonic Minor and Major scales

In the educ5252m module I’m doing at Leeds Uni we’ve been looking at various learning theories. What has struck me recently is the way that behaviourist and constructivist theorists and supporters like to throw mud at each other, rhetorically.  So, we get a lot of words like ‘mere’, ‘only’, ‘relativist’, ‘dry’, ‘simplistic’ used of each […]