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Why I love: Reading Books again #28daysofwriting

In brief – very VERY busy, and I’m beyond my book time.  I’m trying to read more non-fiction, mainly because I really enjoy it, and because it gives me fantastic dreams.  I have a problem though. I’m a plot junkie – I have to know what happens. This often leads me to rush a book, […]

Willingham – Smartphones don’t make us dumb

Daniel T. Willingham, (@DTWillingham) author of books that I have not yet read (yet), has an interesting opinion piece in the NYT (here).  He writes in answer to those fears that we all have that ubiquitous internet, social media and videos about cats falling off televisions are somehow making us less intelligent.  I have certainly felt […]

Podcasts about books, perhaps I should read them instead.

I’ve been reading again (at the moment it’s Hans Fallada’s ‘Alone in Berlin’) and listening to lots of great podcasts about books.  On the way in to work this morning, I was listening to Mariella Frostrup discuss Lionel Shriver’s new novel with that author.  Later on in the piece they mentioned a book called ‘Reading […]

Atwood on Bradbury

A couple of weeks ago I took out ‘the Martian Chronicles’ from our local library.  I first read them years ago, along with Fahrenheit 451.  I read both too quickly back then, and enjoyed the Martian Chronicles much more the second time,  especially There Will Come Soft Rains.  I was surprised to hear that Bradbury […]

The Sea, The Sea

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Sea, The Sea’ by Iris Murdoch, which I have really enjoyed.  I thought I’d read some of the things that others thought, and there are some really interesting ideas in the links below.  For what it’s worth – I really enjoyed reading about Charles Arrowby’s self deception. There are a […]

Saturday Guardian Reviews

Guardian Science fiction roundup – reviews After the fall etc looks especially good. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce – review