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Ought – is, normative and descriptive terms

My philosophical knowledge is inadequate to the task that I have set it – understanding my job as an educator. For instance, I’m currently reading Why ‘what works’ won’t work: Evidence-based practice and the democratic deficit in educational research by Gert Biesta (2007), and I need to understand the philosophical building blocks that he uses. Biesta […]

Philosophy from the BBC

I have not yet finished listening to all these programmes, but so far, I’ve really enjoyed the ‘A History of Ideas‘ series, though I’m not sure that the title really lived up to the contents of the programmes, which are really contemporary dissections of ideas, informed by their histories.  Highlights included Simon Schaffer’s discussion of beauty. […]

The transcendental material requirements for the existence of the Collegè de France

“[post modernism] a state of mind deemed possible in the west, is a luxury dependent on the state of the rest.  The post-modern experience is not on globally for those seeking bread not circuses and seeking freedom of expression and not expressive freedom.  There are transcendental material requirements for the existence of the Collegè de […]

Isn’t it funny…

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…” ― C.S. Lewis

Amour-propre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amour-propre – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.

Writing for the Self.

Every now and then I read something which helps me to understand, or to question, the world in which I find myself living.  Often it’s great to have a prejudice re-enforced, and though having the stuffing knocked out of those same prejudices is not fun, sometimes it can also be really persuasive and interesting.  One […]