So, I bought another keboard for my phone.

This one is a much more substantial model. In essence, the other one broke because it was too flimsy. Not only that, it often repeated letters in a way that was most alarming!

So, I have bought this one, and an old Cherry keyboard for the desktop. The interesting thing, of course, is that this makes writing seem much more like it used to in the old days. The cherry keyboard was the standard keyboard with most PCs back in the day when pretty much all PCs came in grey or beige and they all had a large CRT monitor stuck on the top of them.

I had one with a green screen that i used to write terrible poetry on.

Interestingly, this makes writing on a phone much more possible. There’s a possiblity at play that is missing in my other keyboard. It is really quite a fundamentally more robust, more phyisical and more real keyboard that that one was, and it is much more pleasant than typing on a phone wiht ones’ thumbs. I mean you can get more of the things you need to get done on this thing, I suspect. What’s really missing however is a mouse. I suppose you could argue that the mouse comes with the screen on this, but I’m not sure I agree, or that i really like using a touch screen, especially for selecting and editing text. There are quite serious limitations on that front.

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