One Damn Thing…

I've been travelling round Europe (OK, I went to Holland) talking about wikis and blogs, and I've done quite a bit of pupil blogging now, so I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is about wikis.

You see I've been spouting about how wikis for small groups or communities of learners have much more potential for teaching and learning about history than large wikis such as wikipedia.

Right, so  I'm tentatively announcing " " which is a wiki for history teachers.  So far it's for one history teacher only – me! It'd be great though if a couple of others wanted to join in and contribute.

There's a blog , powered by Doug Belshaw's excellent edupress where members could announce things they've added, or changes they've made.   No forums, as that's done elsewhere much better than I could, and no file downloads, as this too is done elsewhere to greater effect.

The more observant of you visiting the wiki will have noted that I’ve
opted to put up some ads.  I thought it would be nice to pay my book
bills by selling books to people interested in the same kinds of things
as me.  I hope that I’ve not offeneded anyone.

Come along and sign up!  If you email me at I'll give you an account for the wiki and the blog.

see you there.


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