Pickaxe and Chickenpox

So, Maddy (small but beautiful child that I somehow seem to have fathered) didn't have chicken pox last time, but this week she certainly did.  There's not really any mistaking it, and I can't believe we were taken in last time… 

Anyway, thus the lack of blogging…

Oh, the pickaxe?  Well, I've been looking for this information for years online, and it's just not there, so I thought I'd record it. 

How to dig up a tree.  

Don't use a spade, or a fork.  Don't poke around ineffectually at the roots or lop of the odd bit of them with shears or a lopper.  Get a bleedin pickaxe and use the wide end to loosen the soil and lever the radial roots out the the ground.  Then push the tree over, the tap root with snap.  Then dig up the tap using the axe again.  Cuts a 45 minute job down to a 15 minute job.

there you go.  I bet my visitor stats go through the roof. 

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