Things I would learn about, if I had the time.

It should have become apparent that I don’t have time to blog, let alone have time to read and write at the moment. School is crazy busy, in an exciting and opportunity filled way, and our home life is, well, full. So, if my intellect had a wish list, the following would be on it (in no particular order):

  • the psychology of learning; what is constructivism?
  • the philosophy of learning; what is praxis in education?
  • history; did the enlightenment start in England?
  • literature; what on earth is Iris Murdoch on about, and why is her writing so compelling?
  • archaeology; what is going on in this field in Buttermere?

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  • I can help you with one thing.

    No, the Enlightenment did not start in England. You could argue that it didn’t start anywhere in particular, but that would be dull. To find the starting point, let’s visit the oven somewhere in Belgium where Mr. R. Descartes came up with his catchphrase.

    Descartes may have been the intellectual father of the Enlightement but his own genesis was the Thirty Years War (from which he was taking refuge in his oven). A small part of that war was the defence of the independent, secular? Dutch Republic from the armies of Spain. You could argue that everything follows from that – Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz and Newton. It all started in Amsterdam.

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