Things to be glad about.

This morning I’m up as the sparrow clears its throat to travel to Brum to the University School for a BERA event on researching the curriculum.

The day has started well, as I find that, overnight, loads of interesting reading on teachers and the history curriculum have been posted by very kind members of the history teaching community.

An excellent BERA / BCF event follows, at which I have met well informed and friendly colleagues from schools and universities across the four nations and beyond. Some great ideas about hiw to get started in curriculum research were shared, names put to faces and contacts made.

On the way home I’ve typed up a bit of writing that’s been too long in the works, Camera Obscura are back on Amazon Music and I’m back in Leeds an hour earlier than scheduled.


  • Thank you so much for these kind words and really glad you enjoyed the event. Very happy to chat further on all things BCF – but also you might like to write something for the BERA Blog? Thanks again for these kind sentiments

  • Thanks Gerry – sent you an email just yesterday. Might have something for the blog on Ofsted and Curriculum, if you’re interested?

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