Oooh – blended learning!

I’m not normally explicitly political (well not online), but watching a Teacher’s TV programme on personalised learning made me laugh (for a little while, but then shudder as I realised that this burk might be in charge of my profession one day). Watch the video, which contains a fair summary of the various ideas about personalised learning, but pay particular attention to the bit where the Tory Shadow Education (Nick Gibb) minister waxes lyrical about evidence that ‘the best way to impart knowledge’ is ‘whole class teaching…the teacher at the front’. He immediately qualifies this with a list of ways in which teachers might vary things ‘write essays, practise the mathematics … writing up an experiment on their own’. Now that’s a varied approach to lesson planning… 🙁

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  • Well, with the advances of technology we will be able to hook the kids’ brains up to wonderful learning machines that will efficiently fill them with the best knowledge of the time! They will be ‘imparted information upon’ while they sleep!

  • You’re right, of course. All we need is an efficient knowledge injection system, one that doesn’t demand inflation meeting pay-rises, or require generous end of service pensions!

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