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The Problem With Mentors (3)

It suddenly occured to me that I’d not posted what I planned to about mentors. In fact I was writing my lit. review (again!) today, and decided to look at the blog, to see what I thought about mentoring (it’s not so bad when you’re cutting and pasting from the internet, if you’re cutting and […]

Help Wanted.

Compounding my previous sin of "bloggony" (posting about something you’ve posted on another site), I’d like to ask for help. I’ve got a project running at school, in which three ITT students are going to spend three weeks making 9 lesson plans and resources for topics across our schemes of work. These lessons are going […]

When is a theory not a theory?

When it’s merely a belief, according to Wilfred Carr, professor of Education at the University of Sheffield (where I did my law degree many moons ago). I’ve been having an interesting evening reading Carr’s lecture to the2006 Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (hey, it’s Saturday night, what else are you […]

Training with a flourish!

As I drag my weary mental carcass over the putrifying remains of my diploma lit review (it’s been a bad week – decorating, iritis and going back to school have stopped me from enjoying writing my lit review – normally I love this sort of thing). Maybe it’s my poor search skills, but I can’t […]

Busy Beaver

Again, I know I shouldn’t self advertise.  I’ve just posted, over at www.onedamnthing.org.uk, another scheme of work, this time on Voting and Democracy. This unit is designed to explore the impact of different protest movements, from the Peterloo massacre, through the chartists to the suffragettes. Along the way students will also explore the nature of […]

I have a plan.

I went to a great meeting with my diploma peers on Friday night and, as usual came home buzzing with ideas and feeling like anything was possible. One of my tasks is to think about what I need to do and by when in order to get the finished diploma in on time. In other […]

“The Post Modern Embrace”

I got a copy of Richard Pring’s Philosophy of Education for my birthday (I know, I know – but I did ask for it!). I’ve only had time to read the introduction, but within just 7 pages Pring has given me a giggle, at a Keith Joseph anecdote, and a set of profoundly good quotes […]

Preconceptions and What to do about them.

I’ve been reading Robin Conway’s article about the impact of pupil preconceptions on their understanding of historical significance in Teaching History no.125 (Dec 2006). I know Robin, but only very vaguely – we met three or four times at Open University Tutorials for AA820. His article is a brilliant one. The reason I like it […]

The trouble with mentors (2) – Roles

In many ways the question at the end of the last post was a rhetorical one, but it does raise what has been seen as a central issue of initial teacher education – that is what to do about the difference between student teacher’s experiences at University and at school.   Should school be a place […]

I waste SO much time on this rubbish!

Just spent the whole afternoon installing wp2.5. Sigh.