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Things I would learn about, if I had the time.

It should have become apparent that I don’t have time to blog, let alone have time to read and write at the moment. School is crazy busy, in an exciting and opportunity filled way, and our home life is, well, full. So, if my intellect had a wish list, the following would be on it […]

Donald McIntyre

Although I never met him, I was really sad when I was told of the death of Donald McIntyre former head of Cambridge University’s Faculty of Education.  I’ve been reading lots of Professor McIntyre’s work for my diploma, and it was his ideas about embracing the lack of consensus between school and university viewpoints that […]

One Damn Thing

I know  – it’s daft when someone blogs about what they’ve posted on another blog.  There’s probably a phrase for it. Nonetheless.  I just thought I’d let any readers of this site (yup, I’m assuming there are still some), that I’ve recently posted a scheme of work for the Tudors and Stuarts up at www.onedamnthing.org.uk (my […]

I have a plan.

I went to a great meeting with my diploma peers on Friday night and, as usual came home buzzing with ideas and feeling like anything was possible. One of my tasks is to think about what I need to do and by when in order to get the finished diploma in on time. In other […]

Preconceptions and What to do about them.

I’ve been reading Robin Conway’s article about the impact of pupil preconceptions on their understanding of historical significance in Teaching History no.125 (Dec 2006). I know Robin, but only very vaguely – we met three or four times at Open University Tutorials for AA820. His article is a brilliant one. The reason I like it […]

In Our Time

Nothing to do with teaching history in classrooms – and certainly not at KS3, but perhaps snippets could be used at KS5 – but I've got to say how fantastic the BBC radio series on the history of thought "In our time" has been recently. A couple of weeks ago there was a brilliant programme on […]