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Diploma Finished!

Finally, and due in no small part to the help and guidance from my Supervisor, Anna Pendry, I have finished my PGDES portfolio and handed it in.  Phew! Tell you what, writing in the same house as a  three week old  and a three year old was, well an interesting challenge.  This challenge would’ve been […]

Donald McIntyre

Although I never met him, I was really sad when I was told of the death of Donald McIntyre former head of Cambridge University’s Faculty of Education.  I’ve been reading lots of Professor McIntyre’s work for my diploma, and it was his ideas about embracing the lack of consensus between school and university viewpoints that […]

One Damn Thing

I know  – it’s daft when someone blogs about what they’ve posted on another blog.  There’s probably a phrase for it. Nonetheless.  I just thought I’d let any readers of this site (yup, I’m assuming there are still some), that I’ve recently posted a scheme of work for the Tudors and Stuarts up at www.onedamnthing.org.uk (my […]

This page, in cockney

Larf a minute.

Pickaxe and Chickenpox

So, Maddy (small but beautiful child that I somehow seem to have fathered) didn't have chicken pox last time, but this week she certainly did.  There's not really any mistaking it, and I can't believe we were taken in last time…  Anyway, thus the lack of blogging… Oh, the pickaxe?  Well, I've been looking for […]

One Damn Thing…

I've been travelling round Europe (OK, I went to Holland) talking about wikis and blogs, and I've done quite a bit of pupil blogging now, so I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is about wikis. You see I've been spouting about how wikis for small groups or communities of learners have much […]


Just come home from a fantastic e-help conference in Heerlen, Netherlands. I’d expected to learn lots, but was suprised at the pace and intensity that the e-help team maintained over the four days. We listened to, and talked about, learning history in a bi-lingual context, building a digital monument, holding oral history interviews using DV, […]


Simon Ross (of www.ilovehistory.co.uk) and I have been doing some revision “to-go” for today’s ipod generation.  If you’re a student doing GCSE Modern World History, then you could do worse than pop over to Simon’s site and subscribe to the RSS feed.

This came off…

My server was obviously so suprised at me making no posts recently that it fell down – do stay tuned though – there’s one coming… By the way, my old theme doesn’t seem to like wp. 2.01, and this one is nice, but I hate the dog.  Anyone willing to offer free consultancy to help […]

Rant warning!

  The BBC is reporting a story that “Political Correctness” is harming society in Britain.  Doug Belshaw and I have been having a good natured debate about this on his blog.This is so transparent that it almost makes me laugh.  I’m no post-modernist, but this is an obvious attempt to bolster dominant ideologies that it […]