Seek and you shall find.

So. I’m increasingly thinking about search. Search (as in using google, yahoo etc) is increasingly what students do when asked to do homework. I’m having small victories. I’ve been asking my students to do several things recently when doing project based activities (partially because I’ve had to leave so many classes to cover because of my new role in school as temporary HOD for ICT). One is that they should work out and record their initial keyword search terms before they approach the terminal.

Teachers and their ideas about ICT for learning

IMG00093So, I know it’s been rather quiet round here.  Normal (by which I mean that well meant but infrequent) service is being resumed. Since the last time I posted I have run a seminar for the SSAT as an LP – see photgraph attached, taken on a HOD role for the ICT department, whilst a colleague has been on maternity leave, and been writing an assignmenf for a course with Warwick Uni.  Right, enough with the excuses.  

Web 2.0 wow

voice thread from another siteShort one today, just had root canal work :(.  Anyway, whilst drifting into a codine induced snooze I noted the following link.  I’ve heard lots of people talking about voicethread, but I’ve been quite sceptical about how it could work.  Of course, it’s banned in the LEA WAN, but I think I might ask for it to be unblocked, after seeing the amazing application here: <a href="http

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