Webquest – Conclusion and Comments


You have completed the webquest.  Hopefully you have got some ideas for your lesson, whilst feeling more comfortable about starting to use ICT in your own teaching.  Perhaps you also feel more confident about talking to other people about ICT and learning – including the head! 

You might want to take things further.  If you do, then you could do a lot worse than look at the following items:

  • Get hold of a copy of History, ICT and Learning in the Secondary School, by Terry Haydn and Christine Counsell.  It will be worth a trip to the library, bookshop or amazon, if only for chapter one (though the other chapters are also great), which deals with the debate between those (policy makers) who see ICT in school as a panacea, and those (chalkface teachers) who have concerns and fears about technology and teaching.
  • Browse, read and perhaps even contribute to the forums at www.schoolhistory.co.uk/forums
  • Pinch a history through ICT lesson from here and adapt it for your own class, book an ICT suite and have a go!
  • If you’re feeling brave, or in need of a challenge, why not have a look at blogging.  You could read this site about running a class-blog.  There’s a good (if I do say so myself) example at www.podesta.org.uk/coldwar.

Finally, please do take a look at my delicious bookmarks, which although slightly dis-organised (I know, who would’ve thought it) do have some very interesting things in it.

If you’ve enjoyed, or hated, or were bored by this webquest then please leave a comment!


One thought on “Webquest – Conclusion and Comments

  1. Hey ed,
    Just a note to say some very interesting stuff on the webquest, it got me thinking alot about thinking as well as ICT – which is always a good thing. Anyhows see you soon penny.

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