D Week at OUDE

It’s D week at OUDE – the interns are back for a week in the department, or rather around the department, as we’re not on site for the whole thing.

Monday we’re squeezing in a lot of great stuff.  Once we get in the ICT suite we’ll look at Google Forms, Voicethread and, yes, Yacapaca, which is a current quick win favourite of mine.  The voice thread link we’ll be using is:  http://voicethread.com/share/928064/ (you can see a great video of me blinking a lot on that thread).

Monday is such a squeeze because on Tuesday we’re off to Cherwell School to take part in their Year 12 Revision Conference, where along with some students from Little Heath School we’ll be revising aspects of the AS course on Elizabethan Government and Politics.

Wednesday will be all about what CA3 and about what we’ve just done on Tuesday, and Friday is about jobs, and about meeting Alex, who is helping out whilst Anna is unwell.


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