Day Two and all is well!

Today was spent looking over the various topics in the the Key Stage Three schemes of work, the aim of which was to select lessons for the ICT project. The problems we faced were to do with being faithful to the rules and ideas we had about ICT in yesterdays meetings, and making sure these were being applied to the lessons. Specifically we had to make sure that the ICT was not being used for the sake of it, and that it was offering something new in terms of learning. We also had to consider the practicallity the office programs could offere in terms of ability, there was no point designing lessons that the applications could not support. Time was also a complicated theme we had to consider, how long would it take to produce these ICT materials? In the end we decided on lessons from the 20th century, the Native Americans, Black Peoples of America, Local History, Tudors and Stuarts and the Medieval realms.

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