FDP day three

This is the third day attempting to plan ICT within History and apart from minor disagreements, toothache and a dentist receptionist who was most unhelpful, it has been going well.

So far today me and Alan have adapted the presentation and thinking involved in the first ICT and Local History lessons, in accordance to some suggestons by Ed and a review of the idea of webquests. Trial and error seems partly involved especially in the beginning presentation ideas. We finished this today and the results are on this site in books, under Resources from Reading FDP.

Me and Alan then took a break to learn about podcasting from Ed. This was good as we got to see audacity a programme that had been mentioned before in action and to see further software. Discussion with both Ed and Simon on setting up a website was also helpful and inciteful and may be put into practice one day by me and Alan..however probably not right now. A podcast could be introduced as a homework to one of the lessons possibley…..but not considered this enough yet to have fully formed a plan.

After podcasting fun with bad fake french accents sounding almost like the goons radio show, me and Alan got back to planning more lessons, well one to be precise – tyhe Native Americans arrival for year seven. Taking on board earlier ideas of why we should be using the software and extending the applications we decided to use powerpoint to get across the idea of history and archeaology linking. We decided to explore this link because sources can be objects and perhaps this may make the idea of analyses more acceptable to year seven, as they meet and work out everyday objects from when they were young. In terms of the lesson it will look at stratigraphy, artefacts and analysis. Although not fully completed it is beginning to take shape. Tommorrow we will continue this, in terms of building in the links to the powerpoint to put in more images of objects to analyse, using powerpoint to get across analyses and argument – fingers crossed it works.

Anyway that was today and hopefully tommorrow will be as productive (especially as i now have ibuprofen for my tooth!)

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